Spotify Algorithmic Promotion

Spotify Algorithmic Promotion

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We run targeted ads on your whole Spotify profile/catalog to trigger the Spotify algorithm. With this promotion, we will not just grow one song, but your whole Spotify profile. – We guarantee to get you on algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly


• Algorithmic Playlists

• Organic Streams
• Saves
• Monthly Listeners
• Profile Followers

• One Time Payment


Starts within 48-72 hours! 



• Targeted Ads
• Estimated Growth: 10K+ Streams & 4K+ Monthly Listeners (Fans)

• Algorithm Estimate: 1 week after the campaign start



• Targeted Ads
• Estimated Growth: 30K+ Streams & 10K+ Monthly Listeners (Fans)

• Algorithm Estimate: 1 week after the campaign start



• Targeted Ads
• Estimated Growth: 50-60K+ Streams & 15K-20K Monthly Listeners (Fans)

• Algorithm Estimate: 1 week after the campaign start



• Targeted Ads
• Estimated Growth: 100K+ Streams & 30K-40K Monthly Listeners (Fans)

• Algorithm Estimate: 1 week after the campaign start


Next Level

• Targeted Ads
• Estimated Growth: 250K+ Streams & 50K-70K+ Monthly Listeners (Fans)

• Instagram Engagement: 2 Verified Groups, Lifetime Access

• Algorithm Estimate: 1 week after the campaign start


*The estimates of streams and monthly listeners are no guarantee and can vary depending on your songs.

*If we cannot trigger the Spotify Algorithm we will issue a full refund.

Is there any guarantee?

Yes! We guarantee to trigger the algorithm. If we cannot get you on the Spotify algorithm we will issue a full refund!

Is it really 100% safe?

Absolutely! We only use natural methods to promote to real people. That’s why we give a range of expected streams for your campaign. This range is estimated. Your campaign has the possibility of doing better or worse. We strive to do the best we can, but it is indeed an organic promotion. We cannot force people to like your track, but we can do our absolute best to ensure it gets heard by the right people.

Can I get on official Spotify playlists?

By using our promotion, you‘ll receive organic streams, saves, monthly listeners and followers. Your songs will get on algorithmic playlists like discover weekly.

Will I receive my royalties?

Of course. These are 100% monetize-able streams, which means you‘ll receive your royalties from your distributor.

What genres do you cover?

We can do all genres! Our team will listen to your track and choose the best playlists for it, to ensure you get the best results possible.

Do you accept any song regardless of quality?

We do not. Usually when artists are ready to spend on promotion it means they’re more serious about their craft. Thus, the song is mixed and mastered. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in a fancy studio to do this, just make sure the quality is good. A small percentage of the time, we’ll refund an order due to engineering quality.