Spotify Steady Monthly Listeners

Spotify Steady Monthly Listeners

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By running targeted ads to your profile every Month, we can get you a steady amount of monthly listeners. This means that roughly the same amount of monthly listeners will stay on your profile every Month, as long as you leave the service running!


Basic - $250 Monthly
Estimated Growth: 10K+ Monthly Listeners


Standard - $400 Monthly

Estimated Growth: 20K+ Monthly Listeners


Major - $600 Monthly

Estimated Growth: 30K+ Monthly Listeners


Hype - $800 Monthly

Estimated Growth: 50K+ Monthly Listeners



Note: If you run any additional promotions from us or any other provider, your listeners may go up and down again and won't be "steady". However, you‘ll always have the chosen listener amount as a minimum on your profile.


*The estimates of streams and monthly listeners are no guarantee and can vary depending on your songs. We guarantee to deliver 90% of the estimated numbers tho.

*This is a subscription. You will be charged every Month until you cancel the membership from your customer account. You can cancel anytime up to 3 days before the next renewal.

Is there any guarantee?

We guarantee to deliver 90% of the estimated numbers.

What genres do you cover?

We can do all genres! Our team will listen to your track before we process your order, to ensure you get the best results possible.

Do you accept any song regardless of quality?

We do not. Usually when artists are ready to spend on promotion it means they’re more serious about their craft. Thus, the song is mixed and mastered. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars in a fancy studio to do this, just make sure the quality is good. A small percentage of the time, we’ll refund an order due to engineering quality.