Distribute your music to all big platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and more.
Release your music for free, no yearly or monthly fees.

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You want to collect royalties for your songs worldwide? We got you! Just book our publishing service! The perfect solution for songwriters and producers.

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You are not getting enough attention to your music? Promote your songs with us to reach new listeners, grow your fanbase and get to the next level.

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Newcomer Friendly

You’re looking for an affordable way to release your music to the world? You want to get heard by more people? Our team will support you and take your music to the next level.

Individual Support

Our team consists exclusively of experienced people who know a lot about the music industry and help each individual artist to achieve their personal goal.



There are hundreds of distributors and record labels to choose from.

A few years ago we wanted to distribute our own songs to stores like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube etc. But we couldn’t find a distributor who would provide all services we needed. So we decided to start our own distribution service.

More and more artists want to be heard and release their music on major music platforms. However, they often don't have the money or the time to do it. For this reason we offer digital music distribution completely free of charge. No fees or recurring payments. Our experienced team supports each individual artist to achieve his or her personal goal.

What Artists Say

They are very professional and their work is high quality, I will keep doing business with them.

Absolute great free way for artists to upload their music to the world.

Very good and fast service and great support for artists. A good opportunity for every newcomer.