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We help artists build an organic fanbase.


Most promotion companies offer "Playlist Promotion" as their way of getting your songs out there. We don‘t. Playlists are often botted and ruin your algorithm, resulting in fewer actual fans and listeners.

What we do?
We make use of targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram & Spotify to get the perfect audience for your unique style and genre. Guaranteed better results than playlisting!

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Client Feedback

See what our satisfied artists have to say about us!

The results were great, actually exceeded my expectations. Will be working with these guys again plenty


Best service I ever tried it even got some other songs on algorithmic as well! Will stick with you guys


Amazing promotion, feels all very organic and for reasonable price. Also really like that you are able to set up a payment plan

Our clients on local Spotify charts

Due to the very focused traffic from precisely targeted ads, we‘re able to get artists into official Spotify "Local Pulse" charts with our Ad Campaigns.

Local Pulse shows songs uniquely popular in a particular city, relative to their overall popularity.

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