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Free Instagram Engagement

Are you currently subscribed to our engagement service? Discover how to get your money back in this article!

How it works:

With subscription products like the engagement subscription, you can earn a recurring monthly commission (50%). For instance, if you refer 2 people for the service who remain subscribed, you'll receive the 50% commission on those 2 orders every month as long as they stay subscribed.

Your monthly commission in this scenario would be 65.00 Swiss francs, equivalent to approximately $72.00 USD. So basically you're now getting 100% of your money back which you initially paid for the engagement service ($72.00/month), by refering just 2 people!

Note: This is just an example of how to cover the service costs. Of course you're not required to refer specifically 2 people to begin receiving your payouts. You can start receiving payouts with any number of referrals.

How to get clients

Getting just 2 clients is not that hard. Below you can find some tips to easily get your own clients!

1. Audience: Find people with 20+ posts on Instagram but relatively low engagement.

2. Example of messages to send:

Hey (NAME) how‘s it going👋

I can help you increase your Instagram engagement organically with a company I personally use. It's similar to engagement groups, but without the need for you to like or comment on other posts. They handle everything by sharing your content in their network, so you can relax and let them do the work!🔥 How does that sound?

3. Wait for a reply: Once they replied with something like "Sounds good, what‘s the price?", you can send the message below:

They provide this service for just $70/month, and here's the exciting part: you can even get 100% of your money back by joining their affiliate program and referring just 2 people for the service, which is easily done within 1-2 days!

4. Wait for a reply: Once they replied and are interested, send your personal referral link so when they sign up you receive your 20% commission:

You can sign up for the service via the link below and once you‘re in, register for the referral program to get your money back and possibly even make profits :)


Important: To easily secure 2 or more clients for yourself, text people and encourage them to do the same after they purchased the service: Tell them they can sign up 2 clients themselves to also get their money back.

What also helps is saying something like: I use the service myself and can highly recommend it🔥 great engagement!

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