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What is premium?

As a premium user in our Instagram Engagement Group, you don‘t have to engage with other posts anymore before sharing your posts in the group. 

You just copy/paste your link into the group, done. No more engagement from your side needed.

Account limits

You are able to share posts of 3 different Instagram accounts without having to engage yourself. This is great for agencies who provide engagement services to their clients but don't want them to be in our group. Completely white-labelled engagement.

You can always upgrade to more accounts of course.


Premium access is $30 extra a Month, which includes:

✔️ Share posts without having to engage yourself
✔️ Unlimited posts (5 post waitlist)
✔️ 3 different Instagram usernames
✔️ Auto-repost 2 times (more likes & comments)
✔️ White-labelled engagement


You can request premium access by contacting the admin on Telegram: @katago708