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Spotify Advertising


How does it work?
We run targeted ad campaigns for your songs to grow your streams and listeners. Our campaigns are targeted by 2-3 similar artists and genre.

What countries are targeted?
We target the United States only. In more detail, we target the following key cities: Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Miami & Chicago.

What genres do you cover?
We can do all genres. Our team will listen to your track before we process your order, to ensure we target the right audience.

Is there any guarantee?
Yes, we guarantee a minimum of 90% of the estimated numbers. Should your campaign underperform, we‘ll still have it running until you reach the 90%.

Spotify Ad Campaign

160€ 270€ 450€ 650€ 850€

Secure your spot in official Spotify Algorithmic Playlists such as Radio and Discover Weekly for an extra 90€

All orders are processed in EUR (Euro).

While prices may be shown in your local currency, you will checkout using EUR at the latest exchange rate.

Starter - 160€
• 4-7 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 5K+ Streams

Basic - 270€
• 7 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 10K+ Streams

Standard - 450€
• 14 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 20K+ Streams

Major - 650€
• 14 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 30K+ Streams

Hype - 850€
• 20 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 50K+ Streams

Next Level - 1500€
(Contact us)
• 30 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 100K+ Streams

Superstar - 3000€
(Contact us)
• 30-60 Day Campaign
• Estimated Growth: 250K+ Streams

If possible, don't run any additional promotions on the same song. This could affect the Spotify algorithm and prevent our campaign from working properly.

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